Full Stack Developer in the making, learning daily.

Web Development

I have been working with HTML and CSS since secondary school, building small scale projects and websites, up until now I have built a small eCommerce project at university. I pledge that the end of the year, my portfolio will be filed with redesigns, new concepts and fantastic models.

App Development

I am new to this field of development, but I intend over the course of the year to build native apps that will be available in the App Store/Google Play, I am already fairly familiar with Android Studio.


I have been really inspired by user interface and design and will develop apps and websites taking it into major consideration. User interface and design is an aspect of web and mobile app development that I am putting great focus on in order to build my projects.

About Me

Hello! I am Victor Bakare (baseeleven), currently studying Computer Science at Keele University.


Build exciting projects, document the process as I go along and for you to enjoy the experience of development!


Extra-curriculars include: basketball, programming and running.

My Skills

I have being programming in Java since 2017, covering Object-oriented programming, Data Structures and algorithms.
This year, (2019) as well as program mainly using javascript frameworks, I intend to get familiar with programming tools to aid my projects.


App Development (Android Studio, React Native)


Website Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)


API, Microservices (Node, Express, Angular)


Other (Java, Python)


My projects to date:



Android Application

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Contact Me

If you have any enquiries or you would like to collaborate on a project, then contact down below!